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Rugged Outdoor Equipment & Clothing

When it comes to outdoor equipment and clothing, look no further than California Army Navy Surplus in California, Pennsylvania. We only carry the most durable outdoor supplies so that you can even your odds against nature.


We offer a wide range of plastic and metal containers in all shapes and sizes, different sizes of ammo cans, military lights, and an assortment of different types of rope. We strive to offer a great selection of the best military equipment.


Our store carries different types and styles of clothing, and our inventory is always changing. We offer all types of military grade and outdoor clothing to choose from, and new items come in all the time. Some articles of clothing we sell include:

• Socks
• Pants
• Shirts
• Jacket
• Hats
• Rain Gear

• Belts
• Footwear
• Accessories

Propane Tank - Outdoor Equipment
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